Implant Dentures

What is an Implant Supported Overdenture?

Implant supported overdentures are the modern version of traditional dentures. Rather than being unsecured, uncomfortable, and unstable, this modern alternative locks firmly into place and doesn’t slip or shift. Since the dentures are attached to implants, they support the jawbone and reduce the potential for shrinkage. Implant supported overdentures stay connected with bar and clip attachment methods or use a variety of abutment-based attachments.

We place a temporary denture the same day as we place the implants, so you can lead a normal life as soon as you leave surgery. Your dentist will then place the final denture attachment after a short healing period. At this time, you’ll be able to resume your normal quality of life and enjoy your favorite foods.

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Ball Attachment Dentures

The ball attachment denture is a full arch replacement that fastens to 2 implants that we place in your lower jaw. With only 2 implants, the denture still has some movement, and food has the potential to get stuck underneath, but overall, the ball attachment denture is much more stable that the traditional removable denture.

Lower jaw missing all of its teeth
1. Before
Lower jaw with two dental implants and no bottom teeth
2. Implants Placed
Ball Attachment Denture latched onto the lower jaw by two dental implants
3. Denture Attached

Bar Attachment Dentures

Another option for those missing all lower teeth is the bar attachment denture which snaps onto 4-6 implants, so it is much more stable and secure. Like the ball attachment denture, this overdenture is removable for cleaning and maintenance.

All teeth missing on its lower jaw
1. Before
Four dental implants connected by a metal bar on its lower jaw
2. Implants Placed
Bar Attachment Denture secured onto the lower jaw by four impladental nts
3. Denture Attached

Benefits of Implant Supported Overdentures

Implant supported overdentures provide many advantages:


Since implant supported overdentures require fewer implants per jaw, they can be more affordable than replacing multiple teeth using individual implants.

Bone Grafting

Our patients rarely need bone grafting before this procedure because we strategically place the implants, aligning them to each evenly anchor the prosthetic denture.

Treatment Time

A temporary set of replacement teeth are attached to your implants at the time of surgery, and your permanent denture is placed after a healing period, significantly speeding up your treatment and healing time.

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