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Patient Review By Tammy T

I was afraid before I went to Doctor Fort now I have no fear. 🙂

- Tammy T

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Patient Review By Shania S

Let me first say that my anxiety was high. I had a broken tooth that needed to be extracted. I was greeted with a warm smile from the young lady at the front desk which let me know this was a friendly place. Next I met, my girl, Emily. She was super personable and friendly. She went over every single detail. Dr Fort came in after and went over my X-ray along with his plan. He was gentle and patient. He talked me through the entire procedure. I happened to leave my HSA card home and the financial counselor (can’t remember her name) was so patient. She and I shared a few laughs while I waited for my boyfriend to drive back home to get it! My overall experience was wonderful. Dr Fort has a great team. They truly exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this practice if you are looking for an oral surgeon! Now I have to find a general dentist. I hope I find a team as great as Dr Fort’s team!

- Shania S

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Patient Review By Keith Y

My experience and procedure with Dr. Fort and his oral surgery staff was out standing I highly recommend these folks Dr. Fort and his staff are compassionate, caring, understanding, empathetic and definitely problem solvers! They went above and beyond to make my procedure possible I can't thank them enough!

- Keith Y

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Patient Review By HEIDI M

Thank you Dr. Fort and staff as guided by GOD for my excellent extraction procedure. You are wonderful. Everything went great and continues to do so. I highly recommend Dr. Fort and his staff as I felt cared for!


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Patient Review By BRENDA B

I had my wisdom tooth removed. I was a little scared but all my worries left once I was preped for the removal. I had no pain or swelling after the procedure. It was an awesome experience.


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Patient Review By James B

thanks to all the work for Dr. Fort and to Dr. Fort himself, an exceptionally great experience. if only all doctors visits were that professional we'd all be a lot happier.

- James B

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Patient Review By Otta D

I was lucky to find Dr. Fort. and his staff. He is compassionate, kind, a wonderful man.The list would be to long. I had an extraction on upper molar. I also had Tasha as his surgical assistant. She is wonderful ! She is compassionate , kind and professional. She treated me like i was her brother. Put me at ease. The whole staff is compassionate. If you need an oral surgeon, Dr Fort is the man. There's a reason he gets so many 5 star reviews.

- Otta D

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Patient Review By Alfred S

Had 2 teeth extracted with minimal pain, staff was very friendly and attentive. It is 2 days after the surgery and almost all the swelling is gone so I gave the Doctor and staff 5 stars for their professionalism.

- Alfred S

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Patient Review By Nancy N

I had an extraction for an implant done by Dr Fort. The staff and Dr were extremely professional,followed safety procedures,and friendly. I am very pleased!

- Nancy N

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Patient Review By Jenna lynn J

My entire experience was wonderful. The staffing (Tasha/Emily) made me feel very comfortable, especially the day of my extraction. I highly recommend. Dr. Fort made everything clear and easy to understand. Would recommend anyone to come to this establishment

- Jenna lynn J

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Patient Review By Willie C

very professional n staff

- Willie C

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Patient Review By Linda C

What a wonderful office! Dr. Fort is great and so is his entire staff! It is one of the nicest offices I have ever been to. I had teeth pulled and implants. No pain, hardly any bleeding and a very short recovery time! I highly recommend this office to anyone needing a oral surgeon!

- Linda C

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Patient Review By Rhondah R

The entire Staff and service are excellent. I have been a patient of Dr.Fort for 3 years now and I would not trust anyone else to perform any of my oral surgery needs. A very welcoming ,warm and professional environment. The go above and beyond for patient care

- Rhondah R

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Patient Review By Bianca W

I was SUPER nervous as I have had braces in the past and not so fun doctors. Dr. Fort was soothing to talk to, quick to take care of me, and I must say flawless in his procedure as I had ZERO complications. I would get them extracted from him again if that were necessary!! I have recommended him to a few people already. Thank you very very much!!

- Bianca W

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Patient Review By ANGELA H

Dr. Forts assistant Tasha as well as other office staff were incredible . The office had a minor delay from a previous procedure , they some technical issue with lights in one of their exam rooms ,New staff member , and a couple call outs for that day. Despite all of that you would have never thought any of the above was going on . I only knew of the above mentioned as we were making small talk as she was prepping me for my procedure and waiting for Dr. Fort. She was warm. friendly, had a positive attitude. she was not rushing around like a chicken w/ its head cut off, although In her head she may have been. The entire office appeared to being running smooth and efficiently despite everything. I work in the medical field myself so I know the kind of day they truly were having and yet you could not tell at all. It takes a special kind of person (Tasha) and staff to provide the care you guys did on this day .Also very appreciative to have received a phone call from Dr. Fort himself that evening to check up on me and even though I missed his call he left a message . Dr. Fort and his staff are incredible . I'm so thankful .


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Patient Review By David C

I don’t want to get this procedure done again but if I ever had too it’s an extremely easy devious for me.... Thank you Dr. Fort and staff!

- David C

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Patient Review By Sharon Barker b

My experience here was great even though I don't like going to the dentist office. The staff was friendly and very professional. I was very nervous about my tooth being extracted but Dr. Fort and his staff made me comfortable. I was given the option to be sedated. Thank you Dr. Fort for your professional service.

- Sharon Barker b

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Patient Review By Bruce R

I would recommend Dr. Fort for any oral surgery. Great experience all around.

- Bruce R

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Patient Review By Jeneive A

Dr fort and his staff was excellent and friendly very gentle dentist very thorough with everything he did.His staff was organized and on point very nice office.

- Jeneive A

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Patient Review By Mario R

This place is very professional and on point. Also easy to work with.

- Mario R

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